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Our history as a company

Steve Davies has an electrical background, he worked for Cameron Technical Services until 1998 and then joined Gilbarco until 2003. He decided to establish Fueltronics Ltd. in July 2003. The company has contracts with garages in Cumbria and Lancashire and with chargeable customers stretching from the Scottish islands to Cornwall including Ireland and Wales.

A Thought from Steve:

“People are always asking me, who’s fuel is the best? My answer is this:
All fuel starts as raw product, then the additives makes it BP, Esso, Texaco, Shell etc.
All vehicles are different, 1 may run on 1 type of fuel better than another, so it is trial and error, and when you find the right fuel for you, stay with it.
Fuel prices are also a main thing to be considered, the pole sign is for instance £1.29 at 1 petrol station and £1.35 at another, now we need to compare miles per litre. So to do this, fill the tank to the top, then zero you milometer, now we are ready to test the mileage and thus price per mile. Always get a receipt, because you can then do the maths at home.
On the next fill up, again, fill the tank to maximum, write down the milometer reading, and then zero it again for the next test. From the previous receipt, note the price per litre, and from this new receipt, note the amount of fuel needed (used) to fill the tank.
The maths:
Say for example, your vehicle did 500 miles, used 50 litres to fill it up at £1.35 per litre, you divide the 500 miles by the 50 litres to give you 10 miles per litre, now divide the £1.35 by the 10 miles per litre to give pence per mile, which in this example would be 13.5 pence.
The next time you fill up, do the same again, so for example, this time your vehicle did 400 miles, used 50 litres to fill it up at £1.30 per litre, in this example, the vehicle did 8 miles per litre, and cost 16.25 pence per mile. In this example, the more expensive fuel proved to be the better buy.
I remember asking a lady in Annan, why she used a certain fuel rather than another, she answered it didn’t matter where she filled her car as she only ever put £10 in it. I gave in to her logic”.