Forecourt equipment, Sales, Servicing, Installation and Spare parts

We can work on a contract or time and material basis.


Contracts are bespoke to each individual site according to your needs and requests and includes a free measure check each year. Contract sites also benefit from a substantial discount on any work undertaken outside their agreed contract (chargeable work). As with all our contracts there is a specified response time in place but generally we aim to get to you as soon as possible especially if the problem affects the sites ability to trade.

Contracts can include repairs to fuel pumps/dispensers, tank guages, tannoy systems and point of sale equipment . All contract details can be tailored to your needs.

Time and Material Basis(chargeable work)

We offer advice in the first instance and can sometimes even solve the problem over the phone for a small telephone support charge. We would then offer recommendations/options on any of our services. Our rates are very reasonable and competitive.